Our friend Patricia Giuliani March 18, 2019

Dear Friends, we are very sad to share the news of the passing of Patricia Giuliani who served as a member of our advisory board for many years. An incredible fighter, Patricia was diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma 14 years ago and survived two bone marrow transplants, against all odds. Patricia was a person of … Read more

The Support You Need… March 5, 2019

Isolation has become a comfortable second skin. Alone in bed, no upsets, no surprises. I am in total control, sitting in a dark room. I don’t have to speak, or even answer the phone, life gets darker and darker. I am more alone and liking it too much. No fresh air, no breezes, it is … Read more

Join Dr. Keith Eaton at this year’s Breakfast with Friends March 28 February 26, 2019

We are very honored to have Dr. Keith Eaton join us at this year’s Breakfast with Friends as our speaker. He will share some of his cancer journey, both as a doctor treating patients with cancer and through his own experience with leukemia. Dr. Keith Eaton is a medical oncologist specializing in thoracic and head … Read more

Meet the Milliner: the artist behind a growing Cancer Lifeline Breakfast tradition! February 20, 2019

Kelly Christy has created hats for clients across the globe. Since 2015 she has graciously shared her one-of-a-kind works of arts with “Breakfast with Friends” at the Writing for the Moment tables. Facilitator Peggy Sturdivant was already a Christy Kelly admirer and longtime Table Captain when inspiration struck, how better to encourage potential guests than … Read more

Love Your Heart: Heart Healthy Foods February 19, 2019

Heart disease is the #1 disease in the United States, killing more women than every type of cancer combined! As well, cardiotoxicity is a side effect of many chemotherapies. While genetics play a large role in health, it isn’t the complete picture. Diet and lifestyle help determine whether or not genes will be expressed in … Read more

Is Attending a Support Group for Me? January 31, 2019

Despite the best efforts of family, friends and even your oncology care providers, there are moments when you just can’t keep the uncertainty from getting the better of you.  You may question whether you made the best treatment choice, worry about how your next chemo will go, or, feel overwhelmed thinking about what your upcoming … Read more