BRIGHT SPOTS: Sharing the Knowledge January 11, 2019

On December 6, 2018, five nurse educators and members of the Japan Society of Cancer Nursing came to the Dorothy O’Brien Center to learn about Cancer Lifeline’s programs. Cancer is the leading cause of death in Japan and the area around Fukushima, the site of the recent earthquake, tsunami and consequent radiation release from the … Read more

VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT: Nancy Werner January 11, 2019

Our Cancer Lifeline volunteer Nancy Werner (left) attended her first support group, Bosom Buddies, at EvergreenHealth in 2004. While managing a senior living center, she learned about a more socially focused group called WINGS: Women in Need of Good Support. Started by Ellen Weidner and Pamela Tazioli, WINGS began to meet at each other’s homes with … Read more

Newsletter Winter 2018 January 2, 2019

Dear Friends of Cancer Lifeline, Three years ago, Cancer Lifeline’s Board of Directors appointed a group of key stakeholders to create a strategic plan for our 45 year old non-profit. That plan had the primary objective of creating a clear path toward firm financial footing for the organization. First and foremost was the development of … Read more

Basha Brownstein Celebrates 20 Years at Cancer Lifeline December 12, 2018

Irrepressible and elfin with a devilish laugh, Barbara “Basha” Brownstein celebrates 20 years with Cancer Lifeline this year. Easily recognizable in her colorful clothing and always accompanied by her faithful chihauhua Roo, Basha (and Roo) sat down with us recently to reminisce about the Healing Arts Program for Creative Expression that Cancer Lifeline created. I … Read more

Cancer Lifeline & EvergreenHealth: Equine Facilitated Support Workshop December 12, 2018

Recently, on a chilly and bright fall afternoon, attendees from Cancer Lifeline’s Metastatic Cancer Support Group participated in our first ever Equine Facilitated Support Workshop. The Little Bit Therapeutic Riding staff and volunteers spent time educating attendees on the types of behaviors horses exhibit and how they can read and respond to emotion and energy … Read more

Preparing for Restful Sleep November 17, 2018

Sleep is a natural and organic body process. However, our habits and routines can get in the way of falling asleep easily and returning to sleep, if awakened. Our bodies love a predictable routine… including exercise, nutrition and sleep. When we create a standardized bedtime and build in a “winding down” period as part of … Read more