[ONLINE] COVID-19 & Cancer: Tips for Breathing Comfortably While Wearing a Mask

Date(s) - August 7, 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am

[ONLINE] Dorothy O'Brien Center (Online via Zoom; see below for details)
6522 Fremont Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98103

Wearing a mask in public can be challenging. A mask can change our self-image and experience of personal space while offering protection from air borne transmission of the virus and other air pollutants. **Please bring your favorite mask and if you have one, an N95 mask and we will practice learning how to breathe comfortably while wearing the mask**

This workshop provides:
• Lessons in shifting our breathing habits to better suit the dynamics of wearing a mask
• Help in learning how to dissipate the heat
• Skills in reducing airway resistance that allows for a smoother and less effortful breath

Robert Litman is a Certified Breathing Behavior Analyst, a Buteyko Breathing Educator, Somatic Practitioner and a Registered Movement Educator and has been practicing fro 32 years.


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Robert Litman


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