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Cancer Lifeline is able to provide programs and services free of charge primarily through the generosity of individual donors. A gift to Cancer Lifeline ensures cancer patients, their families, friends and co-workers will have a place to turn to for emotional support, resources and education.

Donate online: Make a one-time or monthly gift.
(Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express)

By phone or bank transfer: Call Cancer Lifeline at 206-832-1272 for more information.

Want to give back in a new way? There are many other ways to give.

How your gift helps:

  • $1,000 provides patient financial navigation services to 6 households to help them meet basic expenses while in treatment for cancer.
  • $500 helps cover the cost of one month of gentle yoga classes
  • $250 covers the hard costs of one nutrition class for 30 participants
  • $100 helps one family open the lines of communication in a family meeting
  • $50 buys supplies for one artistic expression class
  • A gift of any level will ensure that the 15,000 calls made to Cancer Lifeline this year will find support, information, referrals and hope