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Cancer Lifeline is bringing over 46 years of training and facilitation knowledge to more people affected by cancer through our professional consulting services. With these programs, we can train people in your organization to help others. Below are some examples of what we can do, and how we will help to develop customized consultation services based on your needs and budgets.

 Workplace Support

  • Professional assessment of cancer related needs in the workplace
  • Learn about ways to support co-workers faced with a cancer diagnosis
  • Provide managers and human resource personnel with guidance and tips on how to support an employee with cancer
  • On site cancer support services based on workplace needs

Support Group Facilitation Training

  • Learn to create and facilitate successful support groups in your organization
  • Understand value of support group structure
  • Understand threats to group process

Active Listening Training

  • Extensive active listening training facilitated by a trained Cancer Lifeline professional based on our proprietary process and materials
  • Cancer specific peer role play scenarios
  • Educational materials including cancer related articles and information on the psychosocial impact of cancer
  • Purchase and rights to use, reproduce and share training curriculum materials

Please call 206-832-1296 or email mwilkins@cancerlifeline.org for more information about these opportunities.