New! Family Workshop Series for Families with Children / Adolescents / Young Adults (ages 6-18) January 13, 2020

Cancer Lifeline introduces a series of workshops for families this Winter at the Dorothy O’Brien Center near Green Lake. From sand play to family songs to dramatic play to storytelling to structure building, we’ll experiment with a variety of forms of creative expression to support family connection, cohesion, and rituals around topics that are sometimes … Read more

From the Executive Director December 16, 2019

Dear Friends of Cancer Lifeline, “No one should go through cancer alone.” This is the theme of our current campaign. It’s the core reason why Cancer Lifeline was founded in 1973 and it has everything to do with why we continue to work to expand our footprint throughout the Puget Sound and online. People are … Read more

New Offering: Expressive Arts Therapy for Teens! December 13, 2019

This Winter Quarter, we are expanding our expressive arts therapy programming to offer two Teen (ages 13-17, generally) Therapy Groups, one for teens with a cancer diagnosis and one for teens living with a loved one with a cancer diagnosis. They will run on Tuesdays (Teens with Cancer in the Family) and Wednesdays (Teens with Cancer) … Read more

Maren’s Story November 27, 2019

I was diagnosed several years ago with late-stage Melanoma. Around the same time, my mother started to feel unwell. I really thought her symptoms might just be the result of stress from helping me cope with my own cancer diagnosis. But the day before my surgery, Mom was hospitalized for tests and observation. The tests … Read more

Client Spotlight: Janice Rowe November 26, 2019

Shortly after starting treatment, cancer patient Janice Rowe realized that she would have to give up her vocation as a pastor in Seattle’s United Methodist Church in order to focus on her health. Fairly quickly Janice experienced the harsh financial impact that many clients face. Fortunately, through working with her social worker she learned about … Read more

Staff Spotlight: Blair LaFavor November 8, 2019

We caught up with Blair LaFavor, Cancer lifeline’s Program & Volunteer Coordinator, who just celebrated four years as a staff member. In addition to organizing the intensive Active Listening Training for our volunteers, Blair schedules all of our volunteers and oversees their work on the Lifeline and Lifeline Chat.  She also puts together our class catalog and … Read more

Volunteer Spotlight: Jeanne Hall November 7, 2019

Prior to my cancer diagnosis, I had taken yoga classes with Christy Fisher for over 20 years. (She is the owner/lead teacher at Phinney Yoga Center.) At some point in the past, I had heard her speak about teaching yoga classes for people impacted by cancer. I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in May of … Read more

Read Between the Lines: The Moon She Speaks to Me November 1, 2019

The Moon She Speaks to Me by Racheal V. King, Collage by Janet Atlas   At night as I emerge from shelter My gaze moves to the sky.   Stars winking. Moon glowing.   The Moon engages me. The Moon She speaks to me.   My body sways to the cosmic rhythm I struggle to … Read more

Read Between the Lines: Summer Afternoon October 31, 2019

Summer Afternoon by Alison Eckels I could stand still for an hour, invite you to stand beside me, and gaze across the lawn next to the Mayhew Parsonage. We may have just returned from the Town Dock and come up past the Pagoda Tree, or we have arrived at the same place by walking downhill … Read more

Lasting Love by Caroline Wright October 31, 2019

  Lasting Love by Caroline Wright Illustrations by Willow Heath Random House Children’s Books, released August 2019 Reviewed by Pamela Krueger In Lasting Love, by Caroline Wright, a child facing the loss of his mother is led through an imaginative process of finding her lasting love in the form of a strong, magical, and loving … Read more


Collage by Elsa Bourman based on the poem “Seeing You” by Judy Sloniker SEEING YOU by Judy Sloniker I will see you in the spaces between the hangers in the closet the space around the dust under the bed the hiding place behind the cabinet the close full of clothes, with only a crack of … Read more

Save the Date – Dec. 3 – #Giving Tuesday! October 22, 2019

Save the Date: #GivingTuesday is December 3! We’re proud to be a part of this global celebration of giving. Cancer Lifeline has been participating in Giving Tuesday since 2011. GivingTuesday was founded as a simple idea: to bring people together for a day of giving back. It has since spread like a wave across the … Read more

Free Photo Session November 2 for Friends of Cancer Lifeline October 21, 2019

Capture special moments with loved ones this autumn with a free local 30-minute photo session from Woven Legacies on Saturday, November 2. Great for families and couples. These photos can be used for holiday cards, special gifts or simply to remember this season of life. Book your 30-minute session   Special thanks to Kylah Wright/Woven … Read more

Resources for Hope 2019 Raises Needed Funds for CL’s Patient Financial Assistance Fund October 21, 2019

Over 140 guests gathered on Saturday, October 12 at the Olympic Sculpture Park for the 6th Annual Resources for Hope benefit dinner to raise funds for Cancer Lifeline’s Patient Financial Assistance Fund. The PFAF makes timely grants to low-income cancer patients so that they do not have to choose between paying the light bill and … Read more

The Open Studio Process begins this Monday, Sept. 23! September 19, 2019

Come join us as we renew our use of the Healing Arts Room at the Dorothy S. O’Brien Center! The Open Studio Process allows for creative exploration in parallel with others and includes three simple steps: 1) setting an intention, 2) art-making, and 3) witnessing what we create. During each Open Studio session, the first … Read more

Dialoguing with Alison Eckels August 16, 2019

The first thing you notice about Alison Eckels is her mega-watt smile.  To call her energetic is a massive understatement. Alison has been involved with Cancer Lifeline for many years, first in 2006 by attending Collage classes and Healthy Steps. She learned about the Writing for the Moment class in 2012 and sat patiently on … Read more

Join us on September 26 for a Free Book Reading of The Grief Dialogues August 16, 2019

Grief Dialogues: The Book is a collection of stories on love and loss by 61 authors. Founded on the belief that death and grief are great equalizers transcending race, creed, ethnicity, gender, age, and economics, The Grief Dialogues brings people together to combat grief and begin healing conversations. The evening starts with a live performance of … Read more

Cancer Lifeline launches pilot program in Expressive Arts Therapy this Fall August 6, 2019

Starting this Fall, Cancer Lifeline will be hosting expressive arts therapist in-training, Pamela Krueger, who will offer up to six fee-free sessions at our Dorothy O’Brien Center. These sessions with Pamela will take place in our Healing Arts Room and are available to individuals, couples, families, and groups. We plan to pilot this natural extension … Read more

Pamela Krueger joins Cancer Lifeline August 6, 2019

Pamela Krueger, Cancer Lifeline’s resident expressive-arts-therapist in training, has always loved creative writing, starting with neighborhood marionette playwriting in childhood and, as she grew, often venturing into poetic interludes for solace and the insights the process of writing delivered. When her eldest son was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood leukemia, she turned to … Read more

Cancer Lifeline at the PCCS Conference on August 7th June 27, 2019

Cancer Lifeline will be participating in the upcoming annual Pierce County Cancer Survivorship Conference on Wednesday, August 7 from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm at the University of Puget Sound. The Pierce County Cancer Survivorship Conference is an annual event to support and celebrate the community of cancer patients and survivors in the South Sound. … Read more

Helen McDuffie, Lifeline Volunteer for over 20 Years June 7, 2019

On May 8th we celebrated our volunteer Helen McDuffie with pizza lunch and an award. Helen is retiring as an active volunteer on the Lifeline, a role she had held for over 20 years! “I’m definitely old school,” says the 85-year-old former high school counselor. “I believe in the power of one-to-one conversations. It’s very … Read more

We HEART our volunteers! May 2, 2019

On Friday, April 26, Cancer Lifeline held our annual Volunteer Appreciation celebration with 45 volunteers, friends and family. Four awards were presented to volunteers who have gone above and beyond to further our work. The Shirley Utevsky Volunteer of the Year Award made to a direct service volunteer who gave generously whenever there was a … Read more

Meet Nicole Taylor, Cancer Lifeline’s New Program Coordinator April 29, 2019

Nicole joined Cancer Lifeline’s staff in March of this year as our new Program Coordinator. We caught up with Nicole to learn more about her and her connection to Cancer Lifeline. She is pictured here (on the left) with Meghan Wilkinson Melanson at the recent Komen Community Impact event where Cancer Lifeline was presented with … Read more

GIVEsmall Goal for the Week: 10-$30 Gifts to Fund 2 Months of a Support Group April 11, 2019

Welcome to GIVEsmall. This two-week online giving campaign is Cancer Lifeline’s attempt to ramp up attention towards GiveBig, a big deal regional online one-day of giving powered by our friends at 501 Commons. On that Wednesday, May 8 we hope to raise $15,000 and we have a $10,000 challenge which means the first $10,000 will … Read more

Cancer Lifeline on KEXP as part of Music Heals – Beyond Cancer Day April 11, 2019

March 28 was a banner day for Cancer Lifeline. Not only did we raise nearly $200,000 at our annual fundraising Breakfast with Friends that morning, but we also were part of KEXP’s Music Heals day. CL’s executive director Joseph Yurgevich spoke with KEXP DJ Cheryl Waters about our programs. Take a listen.

Monica Adams, Recipient of the 2019 Barbara Frederick Award April 4, 2019

Since 2005, the Barbara Frederick Award for Vision & Leadership has been bestowed upon an individual who exemplifies the outstanding qualities which Barbara brought to Cancer Lifeline during her tenure as Executive Director: a passion for service to others and a keen insight into what cancer patients and their families really need to prevail. For … Read more

Volunteer Spotlight: Janell Gilmore April 4, 2019

BRIGHT SPOT: Cancer Lifeline Volunteer Janell Gilmore Janell joined the ranks of Lifeline volunteers after completing the training last September. In no time at all, she signed up for a regular shift on the phones and is now a weekly volunteer at the Dorothy O’Brien Center. “I found out about Cancer Lifeline through a catalog … Read more

Our friend Patricia Giuliani March 18, 2019

Dear Friends, we are very sad to share the news of the passing of Patricia Giuliani who served as a member of our advisory board for many years. An incredible fighter, Patricia was diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma 14 years ago and survived two bone marrow transplants, against all odds. Patricia was a person of … Read more

The Support You Need… March 5, 2019

Isolation has become a comfortable second skin. Alone in bed, no upsets, no surprises. I am in total control, sitting in a dark room. I don’t have to speak, or even answer the phone, life gets darker and darker. I am more alone and liking it too much. No fresh air, no breezes, it is … Read more

Join Dr. Keith Eaton at this year’s Breakfast with Friends March 28 February 26, 2019

We are very honored to have Dr. Keith Eaton join us at this year’s Breakfast with Friends as our speaker. He will share some of his cancer journey, both as a doctor treating patients with cancer and through his own experience with leukemia. Dr. Keith Eaton is a medical oncologist specializing in thoracic and head … Read more

Meet the Milliner: the artist behind a growing Cancer Lifeline Breakfast tradition! February 20, 2019

Kelly Christy has created hats for clients across the globe. Since 2015 she has graciously shared her one-of-a-kind works of arts with “Breakfast with Friends” at the Writing for the Moment tables. Facilitator Peggy Sturdivant was already a Christy Kelly admirer and longtime Table Captain when inspiration struck, how better to encourage potential guests than … Read more

Love Your Heart: Heart Healthy Foods February 19, 2019

Heart disease is the #1 disease in the United States, killing more women than every type of cancer combined! As well, cardiotoxicity is a side effect of many chemotherapies. While genetics play a large role in health, it isn’t the complete picture. Diet and lifestyle help determine whether or not genes will be expressed in … Read more

Is Attending a Support Group for Me? January 31, 2019

Despite the best efforts of family, friends and even your oncology care providers, there are moments when you just can’t keep the uncertainty from getting the better of you.  You may question whether you made the best treatment choice, worry about how your next chemo will go, or, feel overwhelmed thinking about what your upcoming … Read more

Beer, Pretzels & Lots of Good Cheer January 28, 2019

Thanks to everyone who came out to join us at Brave Horse Tavern on January 24 to celebrate Cancer Lifeline’s Young Adult Cancer Support Group. It was a great turnout – lots of good cheer, good beer and good vibrations! We are pleased to report that we raised $1500 at last night’s event! Thanks to all … Read more

Foods that fight fatigue January 17, 2019

Fatigue is the most common side effect of cancer treatment. Cancer-related fatigue feels different from other kinds of fatigue: it is often more severe, lasts longer, and isn’t relieved by sleep. In a word, it can be overwhelming. Generally, cancer-related fatigue diminishes over time, but that may take up to a year. Talk with your … Read more

BRIGHT SPOTS: Sharing the Knowledge January 11, 2019

On December 6, 2018, five nurse educators and members of the Japan Society of Cancer Nursing came to the Dorothy O’Brien Center to learn about Cancer Lifeline’s programs. Cancer is the leading cause of death in Japan and the area around Fukushima, the site of the recent earthquake, tsunami and consequent radiation release from the … Read more

VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT: Nancy Werner January 11, 2019

Our Cancer Lifeline volunteer Nancy Werner (left) attended her first support group, Bosom Buddies, at EvergreenHealth in 2004. While managing a senior living center, she learned about a more socially focused group called WINGS: Women in Need of Good Support. Started by Ellen Weidner and Pamela Tazioli, WINGS began to meet at each other’s homes with … Read more

Newsletter Winter 2018 January 2, 2019

Dear Friends of Cancer Lifeline, Three years ago, Cancer Lifeline’s Board of Directors appointed a group of key stakeholders to create a strategic plan for our 45 year old non-profit. That plan had the primary objective of creating a clear path toward firm financial footing for the organization. First and foremost was the development of … Read more

Basha Brownstein Celebrates 20 Years at Cancer Lifeline December 12, 2018

Irrepressible and elfin with a devilish laugh, Barbara “Basha” Brownstein celebrates 20 years with Cancer Lifeline this year. Easily recognizable in her colorful clothing and always accompanied by her faithful chihauhua Roo, Basha (and Roo) sat down with us recently to reminisce about the Healing Arts Program for Creative Expression that Cancer Lifeline created. I … Read more

Cancer Lifeline & EvergreenHealth: Equine Facilitated Support Workshop December 12, 2018

Recently, on a chilly and bright fall afternoon, attendees from Cancer Lifeline’s Metastatic Cancer Support Group participated in our first ever Equine Facilitated Support Workshop. The Little Bit Therapeutic Riding staff and volunteers spent time educating attendees on the types of behaviors horses exhibit and how they can read and respond to emotion and energy … Read more

Preparing for Restful Sleep November 17, 2018

Sleep is a natural and organic body process. However, our habits and routines can get in the way of falling asleep easily and returning to sleep, if awakened. Our bodies love a predictable routine… including exercise, nutrition and sleep. When we create a standardized bedtime and build in a “winding down” period as part of … Read more

From Ami Karnosh’s Kitchen November 12, 2018

Chocolate Chip Cookies This classic chocolate chip cookie has been updated and made less unhealthy by using whole wheat pastry flour (added minerals and fiber) as well as using unrefined sugar (added minerals). Additionally, the amount of sugar has been decreased. You can decrease the amount even further as you prefer. Using a darker chocolate … Read more

Staying Healthy with Nutrition September 19, 2018

With a Masters Degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University, it’s safe to say that Ami Karnosh has an authority on healthy eating and wellness. She has been teaching cooking and nutrition for the past thirteen years with an emphasis on empowering others to make improvements in their own life through healthy food choices. Ami has … Read more