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Counseling for Individuals, couples, children, families, health care providers and groups

Our individual counseling services are for adults, children, adolescents, and young adults in Washington State who are struggling with the challenges that accompany a cancer diagnosis and its treatment, or who have a loved one with a cancer diagnosis. We also provide support to the whole family at the time of a new diagnosis with a family meeting and, if needed, ongoing family therapy. We also support couples navigating the changes to their relationship connected to a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

We offer free counseling through a person-centered approach that honors each client’s knowledge and strengths and works in partnership with them to build on those resources in ways that nourish self-understanding, build resilience, and increase skills needed to cope with changing circumstances. We are especially committed to providing our services to people without adequate insurance resources or who have been unable to find a therapist on their own. If we are unable to provide our counseling services, we can also help connect you with other therapists who have experience working with people whose lives are affected by cancer.

If you are an oncology social worker and are aware of patients / clients of any age who could benefit from group therapy, please refer your patients / clients to us by connecting with Pamela (see below) who will be able to share information about our group therapy.

To apply please fill out this short form or reach out to Pamela Krueger (206) 832-1271 for further information.

Our Counselors

Meghan Wilkins Melanson, LMHC

Meghan has spent the last 9 years working with individuals and families facing cancer. She has experience in both medical and non-medical settings, specializing in life transitions, grief and loss, anxiety, and depression. Meghan is also Cancer Lifeline’s Program Director. Meghan’s counseling approach is to meet people where they are and support them in learning strategies and techniques to move through challenges. Working with Meghan you can expect an open, dynamic and collaborative approach to getting back to center.


Pamela Krueger, LMFTA

Pamela Krueger is a licensed marriage and family therapist associate. She completed her MA in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in expressive arts therapy. She also holds a master of fine arts in creative writing and a juris doctor degree and has extensive experience facilitating groups. She is Cancer Lifeline’s Clinical Program Administrator and also oversees our cancer support group program. Her therapeutic approach is grounded in existential-humanistic psychology through a feminist and multicultural lens. Trained in a variety of creative art modalities, she can offer clients a range of ways to connect with their inner knowing in ways that can support healing and growth.

Weston Pew, Certified Counselor, Therapy Intern

Weston Pew is a certified counselor in Washington state. Additionally, he is an adult educator, wilderness guide, and group facilitator who holds two MA’s: one in experiential education with a focus on relational leadership development and the other in depth psychology with a focus on holistic human development. For the past nine years, he has been cultivating transformational containers for individuals and groups that bridge the ancient practices of initiation, pilgrimage, meditation, nature connection, contemplative dialog, and ceremony, with the cutting edge fields of adult developmental theory, existential-humanistic psychology, counseling, mindfulness, and behavioral change theory.

Therapist Referrals

Our Therapist Referral Program provides the names of counselors in the local community who have experience working with people affected by cancer.  Referrals and support in choosing a therapist. Available for patients, survivors, family members, friends and oncology professionals. Referrals are free.  Cancer Lifeline does not arrange payment with therapists on behalf of clients or check insurance benefits, this is the clients responsibility.

For more information, please call our lifeline at 206-297-2500 between the hours of 9am-5pm PST.