Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients

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Cancer Lifeline staff works to help cancer patients stay in treatment by providing financial resources to help meet basic needs or access medical care, including medications, health insurance, co-pays or transportation to treatment.

Cancer Lifeline Patient Financial Assistance Fund 

The Cancer Lifeline Patient Financial Assistance Fund provides financial assistance to low-income patients actively being treated for cancer, or within three (3) months of active treatment. Funds granted can be used for living expenses to meet basic needs or unreimbursed medical expenses. To be eligible to receive funding, in addition to being in treatment, recipients must have household incomes at or below 250% of the federal poverty level (see table below) and be treated in one of sixteen western Washington counties.

Household income must be lower than:

Family Size Monthly Household Income Annual Household Income
1 $2,658 $31,900
2 $3,592 $43,100
3 $4,525 $54,300
4 $5,458 $65,500
5 $6,392 $76,700
6 $7,325 $87,900
7 $8,258 $99,100
8 $9,192 $110,300

Applications are submitted by social workers assigned to or requested by patients (or another healthcare representative if no social worker is available) on a regular basis, at times communicated to social workers by Cancer Lifeline.

Cancer Lifeline financial assistance staff are available to help patients locate a social worker / healthcare representative at their facility to connect with to submit an application on their behalf. Information needed to assist a potential applicant are the patient’s full name, date of birth, type of cancer, and where they are being treated. If you would like Cancer Lifeline to help connect you to a social worker or other healthcare representative at the site where you are treated, send these four pieces of information to financialassistance@cancerlifeline.org or call and leave them on our financial assistance line at (206) 832-1282. If you’d like to talk about how the added strain of limited financial resources is affecting you, please know that our Lifeline is available.

Important Note: While Cancer Lifeline was able to provide funding to breast cancer patients, including more than a single grant for metastatic cancer that began as breast cancer, this separate source of funding is no longer available. As such, Cancer Lifeline is no longer able to fund patients with metastatic cancer more than once per lifetime.