Catching up with Volunteer Tsering Yuthok

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Catching up with Volunteer Tsering Yuthok

How did you first learn about Cancer Lifeline?

From Advisory Board chair Lynn Behar.  I was working then and told Lynn that I was not ready to volunteer yet but that I definitely would after I retired.


Why did you decide to become a volunteer?

I learned about Cancer Lifeline and all the wonderful programs provided, cost free, to all cancer patients, their family members, friends and colleagues and the Lifeline support. I hoped that I could be of some little use and started volunteering in 2014.


What is the best part about your time working on the Lifeline and volunteering with us?

After being on the Lifeline with a distraught caller, and when the caller has calmed down and is now laughing and he/she thanks you for being there for them.


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