Join us on September 26 for a Free Book Reading of The Grief Dialogues

Grief Dialogues: The Book is a collection of stories on love and loss by 61 authors. Founded on the belief that death and grief are great equalizers transcending race, creed, ethnicity, gender, age, and economics, The Grief Dialogues brings people together to combat grief and begin healing conversations.
The evening starts with a live performance of a short play by author Elizabeth Coplan entitled Hospice: A Love Story. Then there will be selected readings from the book by five contributors: Donna James, Paul Boardman, Erin Harrop, Jennifer Coates, and Alison Eckels. Alison has been a member of Cancer Lifeline’s weekly class Writing for the Moment since 2012.
We invite you to come to this free reading and book signing of The Grief Dialogues on Thursday, September 26 at 6:30 pm at the Dorothy O’Brien Center – 6522 Fremont Avenue North.