The Open Studio Process begins this Monday, Sept. 23!

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The Open Studio Process begins this Monday, Sept. 23!

Come join us as we renew our use of the Healing Arts Room at the Dorothy S. O’Brien Center!

The Open Studio Process allows for creative exploration in parallel with others and includes three simple steps: 1) setting an intention, 2) art-making, and 3) witnessing what we create. During each Open Studio session, the first 30 minutes will be a time to settle into the space, explore the available art materials, and prepare for the pleasurable activity of art-making. It is a creative experience for everyone – no prior artistic experience of any kind is needed!

At the 30-minute mark, we will each set our own intention. Then, we will each engage with art materials of our selection and engage in the act of art-making for an extended period, to fully allow ourselves the space and time we need to create. This will usually last about 1.5-2.5 hours. Then, we will each witness our own creation, silently, in writing, allowing us to respond to the image we have created. An optional sharing of what we write will then be invited, without dialogue or comment.

Occasionally, we will be offered specific materials or an already-created-image to respond to at the beginning, before we begin art-making, varied with each session of Open Studio.

In this way, each participant can engage fully with the creative process, while feeling the energy of the collective space that comes from others also creating in sync, in time. The Healing Arts Room will offer a welcoming atmosphere of supportive non-interference – free of all comment and critique – allowing you to connect with your creativity while working alongside others.

For those who have attended Open Studio in the past at the Dorothy O’Brien Center or other places, it may feel a bit different to have a structured time. We invite you to join us and try this approach, which we believe will open up new creative pathways for each participant.

Pamela Krueger will facilitate, having received training in the Open Studio Process by one of its three original creators, Pat B. Allen. The photo is one of Pamela’s recent creations that resulted from her participation in Open Studio facilitated by Pat Allen.


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