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Creative Expression

Creative expression can be a powerful way to explore personal feelings about cancer and life in general, and to be a release of stressful emotions. Our classes provide hands on engagement, fun and sometimes distraction. Since all of the participants share a connection with cancer, it can be a safe place to talk and learn from others, outside of a traditional support group.

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Exercise has been proven through many scientific studies, and the personal results of thousands of cancer patients, to reduce the side effects of treatment and help to manage stress. Cancer Lifeline has led the field in offering classes in exercise and movement, and continues to innovate based on information from the medical field and alternative medicine.

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Good nutrition is essential to successful cancer treatment outcomes. Knowledge about the best foods to eat, and how to deal with treatment side-effects can help to maintain weight during treatment and strengthen the immune system against recurrence. Plus cooking is a relaxing way to enjoy conversation and fun with new and old friends, and is an excellent way for those supporting a cancer patient to be of great help.

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