Volunteer Spotlight: Janell Gilmore

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Volunteer Spotlight: Janell Gilmore

BRIGHT SPOT: Cancer Lifeline Volunteer Janell Gilmore

Janell joined the ranks of Lifeline volunteers after completing the training last September. In no time at all, she signed up for a regular shift on the phones and is now a weekly volunteer at the Dorothy O’Brien Center.

“I found out about Cancer Lifeline through a catalog in the oncology department at EvergreenHealth. There was a presentation at Northwest Hospital that I was interested in, so I attended.  I was very impressed by Basha,* who facilitated that presentation,” says Janell.

“I was looking for a volunteer opportunity.  One day, I took a field trip over to Cancer Lifeline, and rang the doorbell.  Basha answered, and gave me a tour.  I wanted to be like her—making a difference.   As one whose life has been changed by cancer in ways that I never wanted, I wanted to be able to help others whose lives have also been altered.

“The best part about making and answering calls for me is that it’s an indirect way for me to fight back against cancer, by touching the lives of others who have been affected by it.”

*Basha Brownstein has been a Community Program Manager for Cancer Lifeline for over 20 years. Read on to learn more about Basha.