Catching up with Ben Hicks, Cancer Lifeline’s Board Chair

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Catching up with Ben Hicks, Cancer Lifeline’s Board Chair
Recently we had a chance to connect with Ben Hicks. Ben is a relationship manager with The Commerce Bank of Washington. Prior to becoming our board chair, Ben served on our finance committee.
When did you first become involved with Cancer Lifeline? I joined the board almost three years ago now. I attended a Breakfast With Friends event the year prior, but joining the board is when I went all in.
How long has The Commerce Bank of Washington been connected with Cancer Lifeline? The Commerce Bank has sponsored events and provided leadership for well over a decade and I actually think we are getting pretty close to two decades together.
As board president, what changes have you noticed that give you hope for Cancer Lifeline going forward? There is a lot to this question. Overall, the organization has just grown. We are working with more hospitals, we are providing more services to more people, the Board now has over 20 active members, our Advisory Board has done a tremendous job expanding the Patient Financial Assistance Fund, and the staff has everything running better than ever. That growth gives me the greatest hope.
What have you learned about yourself during this time? Self-reflective questions are always my favorite. I’m not going to answer and instead recommended that we all watch It’s a Wonderful Life. There are so many people struggling right now and I think that movie can really lift some spirits. It also emphasizes that when you do good for others, others will do good for you. I’m so grateful that I get to play a very small part in Cancer Lifeline and the return of good to me has far outweighed the good that I have put in.
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