Meet Cancer Lifeline Volunteer Gayle Ward

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Meet Cancer Lifeline Volunteer Gayle Ward
How did you first learn about Cancer Lifeline?
I worked in Nursing Administration at Northwest Hospital and participated on the advisory committee. There I learned about Cancer Lifeline and its programs which filled the needs of cancer patients during their short time in the hospital.
Why did you decide to become a volunteer? I was impressed by Cancer Lifeline’s mission. As a cancer survivor I wanted to pay it forward for all the kindness I received during my treatment. I wanted to help people overcome the anxiety and fear that comes with a cancer diagnosis and help them regain a sense of control.
What’s the best part about answering/making calls on the Lifeline/Lifeline Chat? Being able to listen and support people as they sort through their feelings and fears. To quote Dorothy O’Brien: ‘No one should go through this alone.’ I have talked with people from all over the country. Small towns with little resources and big cities too large to navigate. They have all touched my heart and reminded me why I continue to volunteer.