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The Support You Need…

Isolation has become a comfortable second skin.

Alone in bed, no upsets, no surprises.

I am in total control, sitting in a dark room.

I don’t have to speak, or even answer the phone,

life gets darker and darker. I am more alone

and liking it too much.

No fresh air, no breezes,

it is deadening to my being.

Late last night, I thought, if I don’t leave the house

I will never get out. Not caring is dangerous.


I make a plan for escape, I have made and failed many plans.

This time it is critical. I get to Cancer Lifeline and I am saved by hugs and sharing.

Satisfied by sharing and being heard.

Listening, I am not alone.

This is a new peaceful feeling.


– Lee Stelmach, February 21, 2019


Lee is a member of the Writing for the Moment Support Group, one of Cancer Lifeline’s longest running groups. This group meets weekly at the Dorothy O’Brien Center in Greenlake.