Join Dr. Keith Eaton at this year’s Breakfast with Friends March 28

Keith Eaton, faculty portrait at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, October 23, 2018, in Seattle, Washington. Bleakley lab
We are very honored to have Dr. Keith Eaton join us at this year’s Breakfast with Friends as our speaker. He will share some of his cancer journey, both as a doctor treating patients with cancer and through his own experience with leukemia.

Dr. Eaton is also a cancer survivor and he will share his story with us at this year’s Breakfast with Friends, Cancer Lifeline’s signature fundraising event to be held on Thursday, March 28 at 7:00 am. To gain more insight into Dr. Eaton’s journey, check out this story on KCTS 9.

“Dr. Eaton’s reflective nature offers a glimpse of the difficulties he has endured as a cancer doctor and cancer patient, but always through a positive lens. He recounts that the most difficult part of his job lies in helping patients for whom there is no cure in sight. But in those circumstances, he says, ‘I can still give them something. I try to focus on trying to help people the best way I can, even if cancer will still be a part of them lifelong.’ He has always felt sympathetic for his patients, and now is able to truly be empathetic.”