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Lasting Love by Caroline Wright


Lasting Love by Caroline Wright

Illustrations by Willow Heath

Random House Children’s Books, released August 2019

Reviewed by Pamela Krueger

In Lasting Love, by Caroline Wright, a child facing the loss of his mother is led through an imaginative process of finding her lasting love in the form of a strong, magical, and loving creature. This creature appears when his mother becomes sick and becomes a constant reminder of his mother’s love for him, even after she slips away. This beautifully illustrated children’s book treats the subject of anticipatory grief and loss with loving care, as the reader witnesses the many ways the mother and child are connected. The essence of the mother’s love is transferred into the magical creature, who continues to watch over her son. This book offers terminally ill parents a developmentally sensitive way to connect with their children’s imagination as a bridge to connecting to their feelings of the fear of loss of the parent.


“How to Talk to Kids About Death” at Town Hall on November 9, 2019 at 7:30 pm. 
When local author Caroline Wright was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, she looked for tools and advisers to help her find the words of what to say to her two young sons. Now, having surpassed her prognosis, she has written a children’s book to prepare her sons for her death. She has paired up with Safe Crossings Foundation and Town Hall Seattle to gather a panel of experts with a wide range of strategies and experience to help those families facing loss find their voice.