Read Between the Lines: Summer Afternoon

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Read Between the Lines: Summer Afternoon

Summer Afternoon by Alison Eckels

I could stand still for an hour, invite you to stand beside me, and gaze across the lawn
next to the Mayhew Parsonage.

We may have just returned from the Town Dock and come up past the Pagoda Tree, or
we have arrived at the same place by walking downhill from my mother’s house.

We can stand on the sidewalk there on South Water Street and look out at the harbor,
hear the music of the rigging slapping the masts of many sailboats.

Right in front of us, and along our walk to this spot there are pink roses cascading over
white picket fences.

Saltwater close enough for me to inhale its smell, rigging shaping the music in my ears, taste of clear air, again I notice pink roses over a white picket fence, green grass and blue water: I clasp my hands with joy at being here.


Collage by Marilee Clarke.


You can see this collage and 40+ others by members of the Northwest Collage Society in Read Between the Lines, an art show running from November 21 through January 16, 2020, at the Dorothy O’Brien Center. Collage artists selected poems by members of Cancer Lifeline’s Writing Groups. To reserve your spot at the free reception, email Brian at blem@cancerlifeline.org.