Meet Nicole Taylor, Cancer Lifeline’s New Program Coordinator

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Meet Nicole Taylor, Cancer Lifeline’s New Program Coordinator

Nicole joined Cancer Lifeline’s staff in March of this year as our new Program Coordinator. We caught up with Nicole to learn more about her and her connection to Cancer Lifeline. She is pictured here (on the left) with Meghan Wilkinson Melanson at the recent Komen Community Impact event where Cancer Lifeline was presented with $125,000 for the Komen Patient Assistance Fund which provides financial support for low-income breast cancer patients.

“I first learned about Cancer Lifeline when I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer 15 years ago. The first support group I attended at NW Hospital and I’m still friends with the members of that group to this day. Throughout my treatment, I took advantage of the Share the Care Program and was also a recipient of the Komen Patient Assistance Fund. Now, having the opportunity to support this program in return as a Cancer Lifeline staff member is incredibly rewarding.

“I worked as a Kindergarten teacher in the Lake Washington School district for 10 years before being diagnosed with breast cancer. I wanted to do something positive with the experience, so ended up changing my career trajectory from Education to Nonprofit. I worked at Fred Hutch in grant administration (2006). Then for Komen Puget Sound (2008-2011) before leaving to become the West Regional Field Manager for Young Survival Coalition (for women diagnosed with breast cancer under age 40 https://www.youngsurvival.org/). I had been volunteering with the Young Survival Coaltion since my diagnosis. I had the honor of building our peer-led support group program across the nation as well as community outreach in the 13 states of the West Region while keeping the Seattle Affiliate growing.

“What’s the best thing about Cancer Lifeline? The staff of course! In all seriousness, it’s the mission that ties me to this amazing organization and inspires me to work hard each day. I’m in awe of the dedication and support programs that help us serve our clients comprehensively and timely.”