We HEART our volunteers!

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We HEART our volunteers!

On Friday, April 26, Cancer Lifeline held our annual Volunteer Appreciation celebration with 45 volunteers, friends and family. Four awards were presented to volunteers who have gone above and beyond to further our work.

The Shirley Utevsky Volunteer of the Year Award made to a direct service volunteer who gave generously whenever there was a need, was awarded to Helen McDuffie. Helen has been on the Lifeline for nearly two decades, retiring only recently. She has helped countless clients and maintained ongoing support for a number of individuals throughout the years.

The Dorothy S. O’Brien Award was given to two volunteers who have a strong belief in the importance of self-determination and empowerment. This year the first award was made to Sandi Johnson. As a social worker, she understands that supportive care is essential for anyone living with cancer – a big reason why she is a fierce advocate for Cancer Lifeline programs. Sandi has been a great voice for patients, survivors and caregiver both through her role on Cancer Lifeline’s Program Committee and her work at Swedish.

The second Dorothy S. O’Brien Award was given to Nancy Werner. Nancy embodies the meaning of self-determination and empowerment. These qualities guide her work as she listens and works with callers on the Lifeline to uncover their personal resources in order to manage their cancer experience.

The Karl & Ellen Zahlis Inspirational Award was given to Susan Baumgaertel, MD. Susan led our 2019 Breakfast Committee to great success, topping her own great efforts from 2018 by introducing even more individuals to our great programs. Now everyone in her circle knows all about Cancer Lifeline; her friends, family, patients—and even her dentist!

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Pictured above is Executive Director Joseph Yurgevich and volunteer Nancy Werner.