Read Between the Lines: The Moon She Speaks to Me

The Moon She Speaks to Me by Racheal V. King, Collage by Janet Atlas


At night as I emerge from shelter

My gaze moves to the sky.


Stars winking.

Moon glowing.


The Moon engages me.

The Moon She speaks to me.


My body sways to the cosmic rhythm

I struggle to stay on my feet


My upturned head pulls me backward

I cannot look or turn away.


The Moon She speaks to me

Of love, of quiet happiness.


I am satiated.

I can turn away.


She has spoken.


You can see this collage and 40+ others by members of the Northwest Collage Society in Read Between the Lines, an art show running from November 21 through January 16, 2020, at the Dorothy O’Brien Center. Collage artists selected poems by members of Cancer Lifeline’s Writing Groups. To reserve your spot at the free reception, email Brian at