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Our Cancer Lifeline volunteer Nancy Werner (left) attended her first support group, Bosom
Buddies, at EvergreenHealth in 2004. While managing a senior living center, she learned about a more socially focused group called WINGS: Women in Need of Good Support. Started by Ellen Weidner and Pamela Tazioli, WINGS began to meet at each other’s homes with wine and food and great stories of courage and support. One home belonged to Peggy Rinnes, a CL volunteer who encouraged the group to
become more official and join CL. At one point, the group grew to 30 members. It was in this group that Nancy met Ellen Lynn (right) in about 2005 and they became close friends. In this photo they are attending last summer’s Out of the Ordinary Eastside event at the Bellevue Botanical Garden. “When I think of Cancer Lifeline, three words come to mind: Empathy. Courage and Support,” said Nancy. “Support groups have their natural life-span. WINGS eventually disbanded but many of us have stayed close and gather from time to time to share our stories and support one another.”